Donate Stock

To make a donation of stock or securities, please contact Brendan Siegfried at bsiegfried(at) or (847)3836260 x212.

To make a gift of stock to CASA Lake County, provide the following account information to your broker:

Account Name: CASA Lake County

Account Number: 1693-4230

DTC Number: 0141

Wells Fargo Clearing Services


Making a donation of stock or other securities can have benefits to you and CASA. Below is an example of how it can help, but you must talk to your tax professional about how the benefits of a stock donation will affect your particular tax situation.

Let's say that your family invested $10,000 in a security that has grown in value to $20,000, your family falls into the 28% tax bracket, and you would like to contribute half of that $20,000 to CASA. You can see below the significant difference that making a stock donation can have for you and the children served by CASA.

*This example makes a number of assumptions that will not apply to all individuals or families.


Below are a few sources that discuss the topic in greater detail:

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