CASA's Advocacy Always Campaign

Thank you, Lake County! We have been amazed by the generosity of our supporters who have stepped in to keep our CASA program working for the children of our community.

It is very easy for children in foster care to be overlooked. All of us are dealing with stress and uncertainty unlike anything we have encountered in recent years. With the extremely visible problems that our country is dealing with right now, it would be very easy for the increased needs of our CASA children to go unnoticed.

But someone did notice--so many "someones". Together, they raised $323,942 to support our work through this summer. Thank you all for generously prioritizing our CASA children!

William and Joan Abington

Nancy Agajeenian

Alight Solutions

Patricia Allen

Byron and Jean Anderson

Kelly Q. Anderson

Brent and Kathy Arnold

Jane Arnold

Sanjeev Arora

Assertio Therapeutics

Susan Athenson

Patricia Baczek

Brooks Beckhorn

Demetrius Benion

Howard Berger

Rick and Sue Biagi

Jennifer Boeder

Zoe Borys

Debbie and Larry Brenman

Sandra Bronstein

Gail and Andrew W. Brown

Wallace Buczynski

Katie and Noel Bushala

Peggy and Alberto Bustamante

Camping World

Connie Capone

Cindy and John Carson

Tom Carswell

Laura Casey

Emily & John Chen

Donna Chen

Kathy Cole

Conagra Brands

Janet Conlon

Talia Coppola-Whitlock

Kathryn Cotter

Madeline Cramer

Yvonne Curley

Kela Curtin

Scott & Julie Dahlberg

Julie Daniels

Kristen and Tim David

Adam David

Pyone David

Timothy and Elizabeth Dembinski

Dezrae Montano

Roy and Saundra Dillow

Dana and Peter Dodzik

Milan and Natalie Dotlich

Janis and Ron Douglas

Donna and Dennis Drescher

Lucy Dunderman

Candy Eichman

Marcia Elkin

Roger Ellicson

Elizabeth Fales

Patty Felker

Gail Fernandes

Colleen Fielkow

First Bank of Highland Park

Deborah Forman

The Keywell Foundation

Terry Franceschi

Kim and Alan Frankel

Mable Franzoni

Linda Freeburg

Lauren Freedman

Matt and Katie Frekko

Robert and Jennifer Frentzel

Andrea Friedlander

Lynn and Michael Froy

Joyce and Gary Gallagher

Donna Gallegos

Lynn and Donald Goffman

Amy Goggin

Goldberg Klopfer

Renee and Sheldon Goldstein

Ken and Jennifer Goodsmith

Susan Graff

Kris Graham

Dolly Grance

Megan Gray

Greater Chicago Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae

Andy and Janice Greenawalt

Janice and Andy Greenawalt

Corey Greenawalt

Jack and Donna Greenberg

Terri Zenner Greenberg

Frances and David Griffin

Audrey Grunst

Carolyn Guyton-Ringbloom

Tonja and Max Hall

Meg and Jim Hamilton

Jamie Harrmann

Andrew Hartman

Amy and Joel Heifitz

Andrea Heim

Barbara Heller

Lorraine Henning

Moira Higgins

Karen and Paul Hoelscher

Elizabeth Hoffman

Horizon Therapeutics

Jennifer Horn

Melanie Horowitz

Ben Hutchen

Susan and Tom Hynes

Molly Iacovoni

Mark Ingwer


Howard Jacob

Lisa Jacobson

Amy Jacobson

Paul Jenista

Michael Joseph

Jodi and David Kahn

Alicia Kantor

Allan and Loretta Kaplan

Jill and Ernest KaplanRobert and Janice Kaufman

Lisa Keipert

Joey Kesner

Robert Klawans

Gottfried Klein

Doris Klein

Christopher & Emily Knight

Michael Knight

MaryAnne Kochenderfer

Michael Kohlstedt

Jacquelyn Kopp

Thomas and Amy Kuhns

Andy & Kelly Kulas

Christopher Moody and Ryan Lalonde

Jasper Lam

Beth Laufenberg

Wood and Laney Lay

Brian Leden

Jessica Lefebvre

Kristin Leonard

Judith Zenner Lewis

Xiaobao LI

Libertyville Bank and Trust

Marie and James Lindberg

Paul Lively

Debbie and Dave Lorig

Fred Zenner Lowenthal

Emily Lowery

Ellen and Steve Lubelfeld

Joe Lucchesi

Julie Lundin

Joanna and Bill Lynn

Macy's Inc

Leonard Madoch

Frances Magriz

Anne Malueg

Peter Manhard

Vicki and Kerry Martin

Bruce and Terri McDonnell

Bill McInerney

Ashley McInerney

Joseph McLaughlin

Austin Menzia

Stacey and Doug Meyer

Michael Meyer

Miceli Juergens

Mark and Maureen Miller

Susan Molenaar

Brent & Kim Moody

Thomas F. and Susan P. Moran

Bill Moy

Valerie Nelson

Robert Nesbitt

Andy Niehus


Karin O`Brien

Louis Orlando

Soja Orlowski

Michael Palgen

Linda Panszczyk

Jelena Panza

Amy Park

Jared Pavelske

Vicki and Rick Peloquin

Ken Peterson

Lena Peterson

Julie Phipps

Olivia Pintozzi

Mark and Caryn Putterman

Diane Rapaport

Joe Raupp

Kathleen Redding

Cheri Reid

Terrie Reinhard

Barbara Roberson

Melissa Roberts

Stephen Robertson

Lauren Roche

Melissa Rose

Angela Ryan

Elizabeth and Derek Sammann

Frank Sammann

Kyle and Joan Sauers

Christin Schild

Tiffany Schneider

Richard Schulman

Emily Selbe

Randy and Tobey Sheridan

Michelle Shumate

Haven Leeming and Brendan Siegfried

Nancy Slater

Patricia & William Smarto

Jeffrey Smidt

Brent and Mara Smith

Natalie and Nate Solomon

Cheryl Steinhauer

Jason Steinhauer

Candace Steinhaus

Susan and Abraham Stern

Hank and Kim Struik

Carol Suomu

Mike Sutarik

Michael and Kristine Tarpey

Megan Taylor

Richard Tessell

Norman Tessell

Yvete Toivola

Henry Tonigan

Laura Z. and Kurt W. Topel

Jay and Susie Trees

Tina Tromiczak

Anne Van de Kamp

Noga and Antonio Villalon

Amy and Andrew Voss

John Wagner

Leanna and Richard Walther

Annette Ward

Thomas Wedell

Scott Weiser

Jonathan Werlang

Julianna Werlang

Jane & Gareth Williams

Steven Ybarra

Eric and Sherri Zion